Deal signs bill to implement to Marsy’s Law


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May 8, 2018


Deal Signs Bill to Implement to Marsy’s Law

Legislation Goes Into Effect If Voters Approve Constitutional Rights For Crime Victims


Gov. Nathan Deal today signed the implementing legislation for Marsy’s Law for Georgia, which will take effect if voters approve constitutional rights for crime victims this November.

“Our landmark criminal justice reforms over the past eight years are saving tax dollars, decreasing recidivism and bolstering our workforce,” said Deal. “Marsy’s Law for Georgia complements these efforts by strengthening the protections for those who’ve been hurt by criminal actions.”

“On his final day as governor to sign legislation into law, we believe that Gov. Deal saved the best for last,” said Ann Casas, state director for Marsy’s Law for Georgia. “With this legislation now ready to take effect, we are one step closer to equal rights for crime victims. Our state is one of only 14 in the country that doesn’t give victims any constitutional rights, and Georgia is one of several states that will vote this November to pass Marsy’s Law.”

The implementing legislation and constitutional amendment for Marsy’s Law passed both chambers of the General Assembly unanimously this year. The governor’s signature enacted the implementing legislation, but voters will have the final say on amending the state constitution.

Marsy’s Law for Georgia would give victims the constitutional right to notice of the status of offenders and information on case developments, the right to attend any proceedings involving the offender, the right to be heard throughout case proceedings, as well as the right to be treated with dignity and respect. 

“Marsy’s Law for Georgia has worked over three legislative sessions to see this come to pass,” said Casas. “We now move fully into campaign mode as we take the message directly to Georgia voters about why victims need equal rights.”

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  • Sanithia Bell
    commented 2018-10-18 18:19:25 -0400
    Vote Yes on AMENDMENT Four to protect persons who have been violated and victimized by a criminal we as citizens must protect those people . We can end the nightmare by making sure that they will not return to the streets.
  • Shirley Webb
    commented 2018-10-09 23:20:21 -0400
    I ahree hat victomed shoulf get to knoe who did what yo them and help day hoe they sre punished
  • missalicia2013
    commented 2018-10-05 09:43:11 -0400
    Every victim should have the right to know the status of the person who hurt them especially if they get parole/released. I’m absolutely going to vote yes for Marsy’s Law. It’s ridiculous this isn’t already on the books.
  • Melisa Richey
    commented 2018-09-13 23:12:20 -0400
    I’m a for Marsy’s Law. I am a victim of sexual abuse . I am also a victim by being shot in the face and leg. Assault and battery . A few yours later . I had a gun pulled on me. Someone was trying to rob me.